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3 Things You Need to Check Regularly in Your Cold Cases

If you own a grocery store, convenience store, bakery or ice cream shop, you know that one of the most critical areas are commercial refrigerators aka your cold cases. These systems let you store fresh grab-and-go food items for people to quickly get the food they need to fuel their day and get out with no hassle. That said, working with commercial refrigerators is not like working with a store shelf. It is not something you fill up with items and forget for the rest of the day.

That is because there are many things about a commercial refrigerator that you need to keep track of. For instance, you need to ensure that the machine’s temperature is precisely the right level to keep your food fresh.

Here are the things to regularly check to make the most out of your cold cases:




As we have mentioned earlier, the temperature in your commercial refrigerators needs to be right. While you might be tempted to set it to the right temperature and leave it there, remember that your commercial refrigerator is prone to problems and breaking down like any other machine.

To ensure the temperature remains constant, you will need to check it throughout the day regularly. This is even more important if your commercial refrigerators contain dairy products like yogurt and cheese, as both are prone to spoiling.




Always check the dates on your food packages. Due to the nature of commercial refrigerators, the dates should always be the same or close to the day you are selling them. That is because the older they get, the more prone they are to going off even if they are kept in optimal conditions.

To catch food that has already passed its expiration date, check every single date and keep track of them. If you notice that food has gone bad even when it is still relatively new, toss it anyway. Remember, products can be unfit for sale even if they have not gone past their “best by” date.




The appearance of your products is a deciding factor in whether or not they will be sold. For instance, if customers see warped packaging on a food item, they will likely avoid buying it even if it’s perfectly fine otherwise. If this happens frequently enough, your sales might suffer.

Put simply, while the quality and condition of the food in your cold cases are essential, it is also vital that they look appealing as well. Remember, people eat first with their eyes. If something does not look right, your customers will avoid it.



When working with cold cases, remember to keep these three factors in check at all times. While doing so can take significant time and effort, ensuring that everything is up to standard is the difference between selling your products and keeping them until they spoil.

That said, regular audits will also help you discover whether your cold cases have run into any problems. In that case, immediately call in experts to repair the issue. That way, you save money, both in catching the problem early on and protecting your food stocks.

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