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BARCO 4 Commercial Refrigeration Components to Monitor for Food & Staff Safety

4 Commercial Refrigeration Components to Monitor for Food & Staff Safety

When it comes to picking the right commercial refrigeration solution, you need to concern yourself with more than just the capacity, energy efficiency, price, and aesthetics. One important aspect you shouldn’t overlook is the safety that it provides. After all, in our service area in Santa Clara County, we wouldn’t want to put your business or the people who make it run at risk.

With the ownership of commercial refrigeration equipment comes the responsibility to properly maintain your equipment for the safety of your team and customers, and to get the most of your investment. When performing maintenance, which components are most important to inspect? Which poses the highest risk when neglected? Continue reading to learn about the commercial refrigeration components that should not be left ignored.

4 Commercial Refrigeration Components to Monitor for Food & Staff Safety

Can refrigerators pose a hazard? Below are 4 commercial refrigeration components to monitor and schedule professional maintenance for to ensure your refrigerator runs safely:

1. Refrigerant Level

A refrigerator relies on a certain gas to maintain low temperatures and keep your food fresh. This gas is called the refrigerant, and it’s critical to the machine’s overall performance. However, it’s also poisonous if it’s allowed to escape.

If you find that your fridge’s coolant is running low, it’s an indication that the machine is leaking some of this gas. While you might consider refilling the system, this will not address the actual problem.

Instead, call for an emergency refrigeration repair service to have the unit fixed right away. This will eliminate leaks and prevent further exposure. It will also mean that your refrigerator can continue to run optimally and in compliance with environmental regulations.

2. Fans

The primary function of the refrigerator fan (or fans) is to blow hot air out and keep cold air inside. This fan is usually located at the back of the machine, so you must make sure that nothing is too close to it or obstructs it. Otherwise, the fan might have to work harder to blow hot air out, negatively affecting the lifespan of the machine.

Make sure there is enough ventilation behind the fans, as this will keep your fridge running efficiently and for as long as possible.

3. Thermometers

The only way you are going to know the temperature inside the fridge is with the help of thermometers. This commercial refrigeration component is vital because it will help prevent the machine from getting too hot or too cold, both of which are not ideal for both you and the food you store inside.

4. Drain Lines

Your fridge’s drain lines are how any accumulated liquids drain down and away from the machine’s components. In most cases, the drain line leads to a pan below the refrigerator where the water evaporates. Unfortunately, the drain line is another place where you can run into problems.

For instance, a drain line can start leaking, meaning that water can pool up somewhere else but the pan. If these pools form in front of the fridge, people can accidentally slip and hurt themselves. If the drain line is blocked, this can cause water to back up and pool inside the unit itself.

Scheduling regular commercial refrigeration maintenance services can ensure your refrigerator runs safely by identifying and addressing issues early before they can become a larger problem.


To ensure that each of these commercial refrigeration components complies with strict safety guidelines, we highly recommend that you work with professional mechanics to maintain your fridge regularly. Even if your refrigerator seems to be perfectly fine, at least have it checked.

Problems can slowly grow without showing too many signs, and they can you, the machine, and perhaps your entire business at risk if they’re not caught early on.

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