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4 Questions to Ask Commercial Refrigeration Repair Services Before Hiring Them

4 Savvy Questions to Ask Commercial Refrigeration Repair Services Before Hiring Them

For some businesses, refrigeration maintenance services are an integral part of their operations. If you sell perishable goods, or if you have a restaurant, the time you spend getting your refrigeration units repaired means a significant loss in profits for the day. That is if your repair company delivers promptly and excellently. Some places can make you wait for days for a technician, only for them to deliver unsatisfactory repairs.

When you’re scouting for a new commercial freezer repair service, do not be satisfied with just looking up a new number and asking them to come over for a consultation. Do more research by asking your prospective technicians a few questions before you hire them.

What to Know About Commercial Refrigeration Repair Services

Below is a list of 4 things you should research or ask your commercial refrigeration repair service company before you hire them:

1. Where are your headquarters or offices?

In hiring a commercial freezer repair service, time is essential. If your repairman is many towns or cities away, it won’t matter if he is the best in the state. Hiring a local provider makes the turnaround time quicker and lets you get operations back to normal. When you get someone from your area, it will be easy to contact them in case of a follow-up.

Getting parts will also be easily facilitated by a local repair service. If you have a refrigerator part that needs to be replaced, coordinating it with a local repairman is easier than getting it yourself, or coordinating it with an out-of-town service.

2. What brands or models have you worked on previously?

Ask your prospective technician about their experience—what types of refrigerators they have repaired, how many years they have been working, and if they work on other commercial appliances. Ask them if they work on walk-in coolers and freezers, reach-in coolers and freezers, or bar refrigeration.

Even if you do not intend to have all of this equipment serviced, it is good to know the extent of your repairman’s skills. Because a commercial establishment has a bigger energy requirement than residences, it is necessary to know the impact of your equipment on each other. In addition, you gain a go-to technician for your other appliances.

3. What certifications do you and your repairmen have?

Strive to get a business that employs people with trade certificates, which proves they went to school and passed exams related to their expertise. Aside from this, the business should be licensed for refrigeration and related services in your state.

Getting repairmen who have a state license protects your warranty. You might think DIY repairs save you money, but with a complicated appliance like a commercial freezer, doing repairs on your own might have adverse effects. In addition, working with licensed technicians means you get official receipts for business accounting purposes.

4. Who have you worked with previously?

If it is important to know what your repairmen can fix, it is equally necessary to know who they have dealt with in the past. Call previous clients and ask them if they are satisfied with the services provided by the repair company. Ask them about how long it takes technicians to arrive and how they handle various situations.

You might also want to know if they provide emergency services. Some companies cannot be contacted outside their operation hours, and you might want to have repairs beyond the regular 9 to 5. This is especially true for 24-hour establishments.

These things are the intangible part of services. You want to work with people who are not only skilled but also professional and personable.


Repairs for commercial freezers are a little different from repairs for residential units. A family can do without a refrigerator for a few days. However, a business will be impacted by having fewer working units. Getting a prompt, experienced commercial refrigeration repair service will help your freezers stay in top shape and keep issues at bay.

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