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6-Step Crash Course on Commercial Refrigerator Cleaning

6-Step Crash Course on Commercial Refrigerator Cleaning

Commercial refrigerators are built to meet the high demands of grocery stores, restaurants, catering services, and many other businesses. As such, they also require more stringent maintenance so that they can continue to perform their function well.

This means that regular upkeep and daily cleaning are absolutely critical. If you’re not certain about how to do this, we’ve written this guide to help you. Below, we’ll discuss the steps to cleaning your commercial refrigerator, outline why it’s important that you do it, and provide a few important reminders that you should follow.

The Importance of Commercial Refrigerator Cleaning

There are several reasons you need to perform regular commercial refrigerator cleaning to maintain your refrigerator properly. These include:

  • Better food sanitation

Keeping your refrigerator clean is essential to ward off harmful pathogens and minimize the chances of cross-contamination. These can be disastrous, especially in commercial settings, and can negatively impact your business.

  • Fewer repairs needed

Daily cleaning and maintenance also allow the machine to run smoothly for longer. This can save you time and money, and prevent interruptions that could be detrimental to your operation.

  • Less food wastage

Refrigerators are designed for the very purpose of keeping food at its freshest. When you take care of yours regularly, you better ensure that it can do its job optimally. This will undoubtedly affect the quality of your products in a positive way.

  • Better workflow

A well-maintained refrigerator will also mean that the people who use the machine have an easier time doing so, paving the way for better customer service and higher revenues.

How to Properly Perform Commercial Refrigerator Cleaning (6-Steps)

To demonstrate how to properly execute commercial refrigerator cleaning, we’ve broken down the process into different steps:

1. Find a suitable time

You will need to find a suitable time to clean your refrigerator, as doing so will definitely get in the way of normal operations. Set a date and time and make sure you let your staff know about this so that they can plan accordingly.

2. Unplug the machine

Turn off your refrigerator by unplugging it from the socket. You want to ensure that the machine is turned off to protect it from damage, as well as minimize the chances of accidental electrocution.

3. Remove the contents

Take out the contents of the machine and transfer it to another refrigerator or a cooling container. Additionally, you should also remove any detachable shelves and compartments so that you can give those a good cleaning as well.

4. Clean all the surfaces

Wipe down the interior, exterior, and detachable components with a solution of warm water and soap. Look for a food-grade detergent to ensure that no toxins are being used.

5. Allow the parts to dry

Give the machine enough time to dry itself out before proceeding to the next step. Excess moisture can lead to unwanted elements such as bacterial and fungal growth which you should avoid entirely.

6. Put everything back in

Once everything has dried, reinstall the individual parts back to where they originally were. After that, plug the machine back in and return the food items you took out once the refrigerator has reached a cool temperature.

Other Reminders

Apart from the commercial refrigerator cleaning process mentioned above, you also want to observe the following:

  • Wipe down the exteriors daily

Spills are almost unavoidable in commercial kitchens, and you need to make it a habit to wipe down the outside surfaces of your refrigerator to avoid deterioration.

  • Check the components regularly

You should also check and maintain the other parts such as the condenser and evaporator coils, air vents, and drain pans to keep everything in good condition and spot problems before they worsen.

  • Report problems and schedule repairs when necessary

If a problem does arise, do what you can to address it immediately. You may also seek professional help to ensure that the problem is resolved appropriately.


There you have it! You should now have a better understanding of the proper steps involved in commercial refrigerator cleaning and the benefits of routine maintenance. Remember the information presented above to keep your commercial refrigerator in top condition. Take good care of your machine, and it will serve you for many years to come.

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