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Troubleshooting Commercial Refrigerator Problems

Our Guide to Troubleshooting Common Commercial Refrigerator Problems

Troubleshooting Common Commercial Refrigerator Problems: Storeowners buy commercial refrigerators with the intent of using these for a long time. However, even the highest quality freezers eventually need repairs, and owners must know how to troubleshoot and apply temporary solutions properly.

While you are waiting for your commercial freezer repair service, you could try a few of these commercial refrigerator problems solutions when your shop’s fridge is acting up. Remember, good refrigeration maintenance is key to low repair costs. and less commercial refrigerator problems.

Common Commercial Refrigerator Problems

Power Issues – Check the Supply

Businesses that use commercial refrigeration could encounter power issues at some point. If your unit does not power up, you have to figure out if it is getting an adequate supply of energy. It sounds basic, but many people forget to plug in their units or flip the switch on.

If this is not the problem, you could check the wiring using a voltage detector. You should also avoid using an extension cord; this might void your warranty. If possible, position your refrigerator close to an outlet.


Not Cooling – Reposition or Clean

Your unit should be able to keep your products at a specific temperature. If it cannot keep things cold enough, or if it is too warm, you might need to reconsider where it is in your kitchen or storage area.

Allow air to circulate in the back of the fridge, and keep it away from high-temperature areas. If your unit is brand new, you might need to wait for a few hours to test it for efficacy. Give your new fridge at least 24 hours for it to cool adequately.

Another possible reason why your fridge is too warm is that the compressor is dirty. Compressors typically need cleaning every 90 days. Some manuals specify longer or shorter periods in between cleaning, though, so you should look up what this particular model needs. If you had thrown the manual away, consult a refrigeration maintenance service; they would have information on how to keep various brands and models working correctly.


Too Cold – Get It Defrosted

Sometimes, the problem is not that a freezer is too hot, but that it is too cold. This could be because of frost buildup. Though it will not cause your food to spoil, excess frost can inconvenience you if you need to prepare meals; this will make it longer for your food to thaw. The solution would be to set your fridge on a defrosting schedule, which would help it better regulate the temperature.


Fluid in the Compartments – Replace the Seal

The fresh food compartments should be dry. If you have fluid in these, it could be because your refrigerator seal is torn, warped, cracked, or otherwise broken. A broken seal could also cause your electricity bill to go up since your fridge is expending more energy to keep your food fresh.

Replacing a seal will not cost you hundreds of dollars, and it only takes about 30 minutes. If you are pressed for time or are too busy to handle your commercial refrigerator problems, you can ask a professional to do this.



Some commercial refrigerator problems can be solved in under half an hour. Learn how to spot and remedy potentially troublesome situations with your freezers, so you can benefit from having this equipment for many more years.

If your freezer emergency requires a little expertise, turn to BARCO Services. We are in San Jose, CA, and we have provided Bay Area companies with commercial refrigeration equipment repair services for over 35 years. Request a service or get in touch with us today to learn more about maintenance and solutions to your commercial refrigerator problems.