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6 Daily Maintenance Tips for Commercial Refrigerators and Freezers - What to Know

6 Daily Maintenance Tips for Commercial Refrigerators and Freezers – What to Know

If your business relies heavily on refrigerators and freezers for its daily operations, then you’re probably already well-aware of how crucial they are to your business. They keep food and drinks fresh and safe for your customers to eat. Whether you own a restaurant or a grocery or any other business that needs to store large quantities of food for consumption, you have to ensure that these pieces of equipment are properly maintained. 

Being aware of the right maintenance tips for commercial refrigerators and freezers can help you avoid problems developing with your equipment. Continue reading to learn more about the daily maintenance that will keep your refrigeration equipment running smoothly.

Daily Maintenance Tips for Commercial Refrigerators and Freezers

In this article, we’ll show you how to do so. More specifically, we’ll go over six daily maintenance tips for commercial refrigerators and freezers so that your refrigerators and freezers are always in top condition.

1. Wipe down the interior and exterior surfaces

Make it a daily habit to clean the doors and walls of your refrigeration unit even if they don’t visibly appear to be dirty. Clean both sides of the door and the inside and outside walls, as well as interior shelves and racks. Doing so will prevent the development of harmful elements, such as rust and mold. You will only need a clean towel and a bit of soapy water to do the job, and you don’t want to use too many chemicals as they might contaminate the food. 

2. Don’t overload the refrigeration unit

Don’t put too much food and drinks in your refrigerators and freezers. An overloaded unit will have to work harder to maintain the right temperatures, and this can lead to greater wear and tear over time. Conversely, many commercial machines work most efficiently when there is enough thermal mass (i.e., food and drinks) contained inside to regulate the temperature, so don’t keep them running when there is nothing in them.

3. Clean up spills immediately

Whether you have a walk-in or reach-in unit, ensure that any spills that occur are cleaned up right away. This means that floors and shelves have to be mopped and wiped regularly as well. This is because excess moisture can impede performance, damage the components, and promote bacterial growth.

4. Remember to properly shut the door

Always close refrigerator and freezer doors when they’re not being used. This will keep the temperature inside them at a stable point, ensuring that your food and drinks are stored safely. Also, regularly check that the door does, in fact, seal shut and remove any objects that might be preventing it from doing so.

5. Organize their contents and keep track of their use

Label foods, drinks, and containers with their names and expiry dates. This will make it easier for whoever will be using your refrigerators and freezers to find what they need quickly. Also, use a system to keep track of its contents, such as the first-in-first-out method. When your refrigerator and freezer are organized, you minimize the risk of items getting lost, which could potentially lead to problems with the machines themselves.

6. Perform regular system checks

While this does not necessarily have to happen daily, remember to routinely inspect your refrigerators and freezers thoroughly. Verify that the components are in good and working condition as they should. You may want to hire the help of professional technicians who will be able to spot and address problems swiftly and effectively. 

Wrapping up

You’ll want to keep the above maintenance tips for commercial refrigerators and freezers in mind If you want to ensure that your equipment functions at its peak performance. Also, remember to share the knowledge you gained here with your staff so that everyone can do their part in caring for these valuable pieces of equipment. 

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