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How to Pick the Perfect Bar Refrigerator - 3 Types to Choose

How to Pick the Perfect Bar Refrigerator – 3 Types to Choose

Getting the right refrigeration to keep your beverages cool is important for your business. Your products will be preserved at the right temperature and your customers will feel refreshed and comfortable from topping off their meal with a cold drink.

Choosing the right bar refrigeration for your establishment means knowing the requirements it should fulfill. Your refrigerator should efficiently cool the beverages that you serve at your business and should be located at a convenient and comfortable spot. You might need additional equipment to optimize your bar operations as well, especially if you want to serve your beverages on tap, in bottles, or both.

How to Pick the Perfect Bar Refrigerator

Here is what you have to know about choosing the right bar refrigerator for your business:

1. Glass Door Back Bar Refrigerators and Coolers

These are coolers or refrigerators that have a glass panel at the front so you can display your beverage selection. Your customers will be able to see your offerings immediately and decide which beverage they’d like. It will also help your employees take inventory of the beverages you currently have on hand.

A glass door back bar cooler or refrigerator is a stylish way to store your bottles, but it also comes with its own conditions. The glass door must be regularly cleaned so that the unit remains tidy and presentable and its contents must be neatly arranged at all times.

This type of refrigerator or cooler must have thermal doors, which are made up of two layers of glass. This helps seal the cold air inside the unit, which maintains the cool temperature. These doors are also sturdier and resistant to breakage and damage, which saves you money on the repair.

2. Wine Coolers

These types of coolers are most suitable for bars that serve only wine or for restaurants with a large assortment of wine. The units are built to house wines at specific temperatures which other refrigeration equipment may not be able to do.

Wine coolers can be stored in a variety of ways. If you want to place them under a counter, there are units that are designed for horizontal storage. If you want to store the bottles vertically, you are free to adjust the shelves to display the bottles to your liking.

3. Under-counter Refrigerators

These units are preferable for beers or cocktail mixers, especially if these are very popular brands, as you may find it unnecessary to display them. They’re also ideal for operations that do not have a large variety of beverages on tap. Organization and tidiness is not a requirement in keeping an under-counter refrigerator as well, which allows you some flexibility in choosing what to store. It is also more efficient in trapping the cool air inside than a glass door model of a similar capacity.

The Refrigerator’s Finish

Once you’ve settled on the type of refrigerator and refrigeration equipment you’ll need for your business, you’ll have to decide on the refrigerator’s finish that suits your needs. Stainless steel is tough and heavy-duty and is less likely to scratch or dent. This type of finish is appropriate for bars or restaurants with plenty of lighting as it will reflect the light back into the establishment.

Black vinyl is more affordable but isn’t as durable as stainless steel. Its smooth and sleek appearance can elevate the atmosphere of a restaurant. It is also less likely to show fingerprints.

Whichever finish you choose, be sure to be consistent with all the equipment in your establishment.

Bottom line

Each establishment has different refrigeration needs, and your business is no exception. Understanding what kind of refrigeration is best for your establishment is integral to storing your products properly and keeping them fresh for as long as possible. With these tips in mind, you’ll be able to find your perfect bar refrigerator in no time.

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