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How to properly clean an Ice Machine Refrigeration, Air Conditioning, & Ice Machine Repair

How to properly clean an Ice Machine

The operation of the ice machine is unique in forming ice. Using fractional freezing forming slabs of ice that is clear and has less mineral content in the water from the water it is produced from. Running water over cold evaporator plate which gradually freezing the water. When the ice slab reaches its correct thickness determined by the temperature, an electronic control switches to the harvest cycle, harvesting the ice. This is a continuous cycle of producing ice until the bin is full. Automatically begins another cycle with the bin is emptied out.

Impurities in the water will remain and build up over time. This build-up must be removed for proper functioning, ice machine life and ice quality which is getting rid of that odor and bad taste of the finish ice product. When cleaning the ice machine you can use acid as specified by the manufacturer or citric acid to remove the build-up. Follow steps on cleaning the ice machine:

  1.   Switching the selector switch to the “OFF” mode position.
  2.   Remove the drain plug at the bottom of the reservoir. Have all the water taken and put it back afterward.
  3.   Ready the required cleaning solution. Look for the reservoir; this can be obtained by removing the front panel screws and the front panel. Determine the amount of cleaner as from the ice machine cleaner’s manufacturer’s manual.
  4.   Replace the front cover panel and close the door.
  5.   Switching the selector switch to a clean position. About three quarts of water will automatically be added to the cleaning solution.
  6.   It takes about 50mins to an hour for the cleaning to take place. The cleaning cycle of the ice machine will automatically rinse the evaporator plate and drain the cleaning solution as well as rinse them with water.
  7.   After the cleaning cycle is done, remove the front panel, and check the build-ups have been removed or check if the ice machine is clean as you want it to be. Importantly the evaporator plate should be clean, shiny and smooth to touch. If the buildup is still haven’t been taken out, repeat the cleaning cycle till all the buildup is removed.
  8.   We go to removing the distributor tube, hose clamp hose, and its rubber end.
  9.   Clean the inside thoroughly of the distributor tube and the spray holes. Use the same cleaning solution and for the inside of the tube using an old toothbrush.
  10.   Clean rubber ends and clamps. Dried. Reinstall the rubber end and hose clamp back to the distributor tube and put it back to the evaporator. Take note the tube spray holes shall be pointed to the bottom of the evaporator plate.
  11.   Reinstall the front cover.
  12.   Cleaning of the ice machine’s interior, with an ice scoop, scoop the ice at the interior door panel and as for the door gasket clean with soap and water.
  13.   Check water filters. Remove sediments.
  14.   Removing odors. Use two tablespoons of baking soda on the warm water. Rinse with fresh water.
  15.   Dry wet parts.
  16.   Clean exterior. Wipe the unit time to time

Now the ice machine is clean, sanitized and maybe put back into operation by switching the ice machine selector switch to the “ON” state position.

Things to remember:

  • Ice machine is not a storage unit. Never use the machine to store items
  • For safety, purposes unplug ice machine before working on the unit
  • Allow your ice machine to run 24-48 hours to accumulate ice in the ice machines’ bin.
  • The unit will shut down automatically when the ice bin is full.
  • Keep your ice machine clean for proper ice quality, production and unit’s life.
  • Have periodic weekly maintenance.
  • Frequently rinse out ice machine air filters. Grease, dust, and lint in the air filter will decrease the performance of the icemaker.