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Commercial Refrigerator Maintenance and Service, count on BARCO for your refrigeration equipment repair. San Jose, CA

Maintaining and Servicing Your Commercial Refrigerator

Maintaining and Servicing Your Commercial Refrigerator


Maintenance and Servicing Your Commercial Refrigerator. Call BARCO Air Conditioning & Refrigeration for the best commercial refrigeration repair service. San Jose, CA

Your commercial refrigerator may be one of the most important pieces of equipment in your whole kitchen because it keeps cool the food you need to create all of your dishes. Maintaining and servicing your commercial refrigerator will save you time and money. At BARCO Air Conditioning & Refrigeration, we recommend you do your homework first. You want to find the most common problems, complaints, or maintenance issues with your commercial refrigerator, this will help you save time and headaches. If you can properly maintain common components that frequently cause problems, you can extend the life of your commercial refrigerator. The manufacturer usually has some good information on their equipment and consumer online forums are helpful. You always want to make sure that you have the manual for your refrigeration equipment because if you do not operate within the guidelines of the manufacture you can void your warranty. Our 35+ years of servicing commercial refrigeration equipment have taught us to be very aware of the manufacturer warranty and the known issues, recalls, and operating expenses of commercial refrigerators.

Before you start any type of maintenance on any type of refrigeration equipment, safety is paramount, so make sure the equipment is unplugged or shut down at the breaker.

Commercial Refrigerator Maintenance

To keep your commercial refrigerators in the optimal operating condition you should have bi-annual or quarterly scheduled maintenance checks by a local refrigeration service professional. The common checks you can do yourself is:

  • Visual checks on the door seal – Make sure your unit is not leaking any cold air. This can cost you a lot of money.
  • Listen for any unusual noises. Even though your refrigeration unit is working fine, unusual noise can be an indicator of problems ahead.
  • Evaluate your electricity bill for an unusual spike in cost. Leaks in your commercial refrigeration unit will result in higher consumption of energy.

These are easy checks that can save you money. Neglecting these common checks usually leads to higher replacement costs and additional stress/wear on your commercial refrigerator.

Cleaning the Interior of Your Commercial Refrigerator

Step 1: Read the manufacturer’s manual

Look for your commercial refrigerator’s model number on their recommended cleaning practices.

Be careful with the chemical cleaners and tools you will be using to clean your fridge. Harsh chemicals can be unhealthy for food storage and can also damage your refrigerator, this also goes for scrubbing equipment. Since your dealing with refrigeration equipment that more than likely will store food, you need to be forward-thinking on what types of cleaners you would like to use and what the manufacturer recommends.

Step 2: Remove food, shelving, and containers

Don’t get lazy on this step. You want to fully decontaminate and clean in detail every area of the refrigerator including the shelving. A build of debris can become a problem in the future without proper and detailed cleaning.

Step 3: Cleaning Commercial Refrigeration Components

If you decide to take on cleaning gaskets and other parts of your refrigerator, make sure you follow the directions in the manual. This is important to make sure you do not void your warranty. 7 more tips to maintaining your commercial refrigerator

Commercial Refrigerator is an asset and investment

Commercial refrigerators have a lot of moving parts, including condensers, motors, fans, and blades. That why many of our customers rely on our hassle-free commercial refrigeration service. To extend the life of your commercial refrigerator and make less calls to your local equipment repairman create a plan and schedule to do maintenance on your commercial refrigerator it may be weekly or monthly, depending on the frequency of use and the manufacturer’s guidelines.

Replacing Parts in Your Commercial Refrigerator

We recommend using a professional when you replace major parts. Things like light bulbs are no problem for you, I know. If you decide to take on replacements like a condenser, you should only use parts from suppliers recommended by your equipment’s manufacturer, to use generic parts can void your warranty.

Maintenance of your commercial refrigerator can be rewarding and save you money, and by following these simple guidelines, you can get plenty of years out of your equipment. Also, don’t forget to instruct your employees on the proper care and maintenance of your refrigerator.

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