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11 Tips for Regular Year-Round Commercial Refrigeration Maintenance

11 Tips for Regular Year-Round Commercial Refrigeration Maintenance

Routine maintenance is crucial for your property’s upkeep and a must for ensuring your equipment continues to run day in and day out. Your property or business’s refrigeration and freezer units are no different. In addition to regular cleaning, there are a number of steps you can take to prolong the life of your commercial refrigeration equipment.

Here are a few tips you should utilize to prolong the life of your commercial refrigeration appliances. Once you understand the upkeep that is required, you can incorporate these refrigeration maintenance tips into your routine to avoid costly repairs and lost revenue from downed equipment.

Year-Round Commercial Refrigeration Maintenance Tips

For commercial refrigerators, it is important that you check them on regular basis to ensure they are running efficiently and to keep them from breaking down. As a recommendation, your refrigeration maintenance schedule should account for check your units at least once a month. Much better, do it every two weeks.

Some things to look for while doing your monthly inspection:

1. Unplug refrigeration units

Before pulling refrigerator units forward to inspect coils and other components or when performing repairs, extensive cleaning, or maintenance, you should disconnect the unit from power.

2. Check components

When examining your exposed refrigeration components, the first thing you should do is clean off any dust build-up.

3. Inspect door seals

A key component of refrigeration maintenance is investigating sources of inefficiency. Refrigerators are efficient when cold air is not being let out.

4. Check for clogged drains

Ensure that refrigeration drainage has not become filled with debris and remove any obstructions.

5. Organize

Use the opportunity to clean and reorganize your inventory and toss anything that is past its expiration or recommended best-by date.

6. Avoid the top side for storage

Heavy things that are place on the top will cause the doors the roof or the door to collapse. Cold rooms are not engineered to take the weight of stored items on the roof. This is also a precautionary measure to allow the condenser to pass air since some designs have the condenser on top.

7. Clean Evaporators

From the back look through the fan to see if there’s ice or dust build-up. Ice can mean there is a defrost issue or perhaps dirt can cause inefficient heat transfer.

8. Prevent the dreaded emergency breakdown

Check electrical connections from time to time, in most cases, the plug can become dislodged and fail to make a proper connection. A simple fault but will cost you big, so better check from time to time.

9. Avoid mold and contaminated ice

Check filters on ice makers, ice machines can carry bacteria and viruses including Salmonella, Listeria, and E. coli. In the worst case, you can end up with health code violations and even lawsuits. Have a monthly cleaning and maintenance and have them dismantled every 6 months, having them clean thoroughly.

10. Check temperature and defrost settings and calibrate thermometers

Be sure to set to the recommended temperatures and settings for the inventory that is being stored.

11. Toss old contents and wipe down surfaces

If your units inside have spills, expired food, or any other mess, you will have to clean it. Look for expiring food and have them discarded. Clean using a bucket of warm soapy water and with a microfiber cloth which is good for scrubbing. If you are finding that you can’t quite get everything with the cloth, we suggest using a toothbrush as an alternative.

Final Notes

With proper refrigeration maintenance, you minimize your units’ downtime and maximize the lifespan of your valuable equipment. Although routine maintenance can seem like a simple task, operating several machines or dealing with more complex mechanical components is best suited for a professional commercial refrigeration repair technician. If your business is in need of routine refrigeration maintenance or your equipment requires repair, call for a local professional.

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